Tha Ghosts of Anarchist Symbolism


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The circle-A will always hold a special place in your heart and mind. Ours too. But why not freshen up your anarchist aesthetic?

This shirt's design features a black cat wearing clogs and a crown of black roses. These design elements were carefully stolen from the Wikipedia entry for "Anarchist Symbolism" and arranged using GIMP, an open-source image editing suite.

People aren't generally familiar with these symbols, but immediately get the impression that you are overly aggressive and confrontational for no apparent reason.

Wear it to your next family gathering! People will ask "What's on your shirt?", giving you the perfect opportunity to explain exactly how little you care about all of this. Gesture broadly while doing so for added effect!

These are American Apparel Fine Jersey shirts, which are like, totes soft.

Available in Pacifist White, AnCap Gold, and Komrade Red!

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